"I have loved learning the range of skills in both modern and traditional upholstery, and met some fabulous people along the way.  I'm really looking forward to growing in business and knowledge." – Jade Peel


"My training was thorough and incredibly challenging at times; but I loved every obstacle and success.  Wendy Shorter has remained a considerate and invaluable mentor even after I qualified and set up my own studio." – Carol Arnell

"I have made fantastic friendships through my course and we keep in touch supporting one another and occasionally meeting at least once a year at various trade shows or workshops.  I keep in touch with Wendy and follow the new students work on Instagram and Facebook, which never ceases to amaze me how wonderful their work is.   It is important to meet other soft furnishers or upholsterers to help you with your business.  The AMUSF is a fantastic place for this.  Through meeting other experienced people, you can learn quite a lot about our industry.   There are a lot of enthusiastic and talented people out there that are more than willing to help.  On another note social media and your web site are key to your business so investing a little time and money with this I have found to be very rewarding." – Jayne Bell


"I thoroughly enjoyed studying at Wendy Shorter Interiors and working towards my AMUSF qualifications.  Best thing I ever did, can't wait to set up my business properly!"– Sally Mason


"I have the greatest respect for Wendy.  I wouldn’t be running a successful company now if I hadn’t had the experience and knowledge that was shared and taught to me many years ago.  My company was featured in 25 Beautiful Homes as I work from a workshop from home and I was very flattered and honoured to be asked to feature in it.  The Yorkshire post also ran a feature article on Sally’s Sporting Seats.  I have enquiries on a daily basis and have never been without work.  Thank you, Wendy" – Sally Finney


"After qualifying, gaining work experience and workshop space, I began building my upholstery business.  Crucial to this step was the support and advice given on various jobs and projects by my ex-tutor Wendy Shorter.  Together with this, course notes and various recommended books I gradually built experience, confidence and a customer base.  To date, most of my work is acquired by word of mouth but most importantly the quality of training I received on my course is hopefully reflected in my work and through returning customers."  – Sandra Brooke


"I think Wendy’s course and teaching methods prepared me very well for setting up my own business.  She gave me lots of confidence in both the practical and commercial aspects. I can still remember her explanations of why something should be done in a way, which is so much more useful than simply being told what to do.  Wendy suggested having stalls at local craft fairs / charity coffee mornings etc which worked very well to get my name known.   I sold a few footstools, small chairs and cushions at these type of events, but it was more about marketing - lots of people pick up a card and come back to you months later.  Still having to educate clients that sorting out a sagging seat is not just a case of adding more padding though!!" – Sharon Burvill


"Companionship, professionalism, and a lovely workshop.  What more could one ask.  Leisure classes are cheaper than psychotherapy, less fattening than chocolate and you can drive home sober afterwards." – Sue Blow


"I really enjoyed the Soft Furnishings Course and made great progress into the world of Soft Furnishings.  Having not had any experience before, I find it amazing that I am now established as a Soft Furnisher and have orders on my books" – Laura Scarlett


"The course was intrinsic in starting me off in the industry." – Georgina Brackenbury


"I had a wonderful experience with Wendy Shorter Interiors. The training is thorough which ensures the quality of your finished work is to a very high standard. Classes were fun and relaxed.  I enjoyed every minute." – Helen Puxley


"It became swiftly apparent to me during the course that the more I began to learn the more I realised I didn't know. These courses offer a broader and more useful skills base." Charlotte A, Hampshire


"Wendy is like Marmite.  The weak might call her merciless but the wise affirm she is a great teacher, guide and example.  She is seriously direct, concise and extremely patient.

She is a doer, not a curl up and dier, she is a leader and a relentless hard worker.  Thank you for teaching me how to breathe new life into the neglected, for teaching me to ‘do what’s required’ and that ‘there are no hard and fast rules’ when it comes to upholstery.  Thank you for watching me stitch that edge on the skew for hours, for without that mistake I would never have remembered how to form a well correctly.  Thank you for stoically explaining in spite of our juvenile giggles, silly jokes and singing but most of all, for believing in me and showing me that age nor gender should stand in the way of the things I wish to achieve.

Love her or hate her, Wendy know her stuff and you’d do well to listen.  I shall miss Mondays in my sanctuary but know she will always be just a text away when I have one of those ‘What do I do next?’ moments.  Thank you Wendy and enjoy the quiet, it’s only a matter of time before one of the newbies discovers her inner karaoke queen!" - Sophie T, Stevenage, Hertfordshire.


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Trish for the Soft Furnishing course at Coursers Farm. I particularly enjoyed my classes, great teaching and well structured modules. It was a tremendous experience.  It truly reflected everything that was on your website.  Thank you also for referring to me as a star pupil...well you helped me shine!  So thank you for your passion in offering a valuable foundation." - Mosand, Watford, Hertfordshire


"You're such an amazing role model and help so many of us start on our journeys." Jo, Oxfordshire


"Wendy’s excellent training, in both soft furnishing and upholstery has meant that we have both achieved distinctions in our assessments. This have ensured a very high level of quality in our work and given us the confidence to start our business.  With Wendy as our mentor, the business flourished. She gives invaluable on-going support and technical advice and is only ever a phone call away. She has encouraged us to undertake challenging commissions and has always been there to offer support." Cathy & Sharon, Hertfordshire

"Just to give you an update on my venture, I have been flat out, buying, selling, commissions, and also now supply, four shops and two web sites with my products.  I have sold furniture to most of the top jockeys and trainers in England, including Tony McCoy." - Sally F, Lincolnshire.

"I'm really enjoying my upholstery 'apprenticeship' with a local upholsterer.  Many thanks for making our course so hands’ on and relevant to the workplace." - Victoria S, Cambridgeshire

"I have found the course to be quite intense but extremely absorbing and enjoyable.  It certainly is not a leisure course and I have learned a tremendous amount in a short period of time. I was amazed at how quickly we started to work on actual pieces and was learning from day one. The 20th century Furniture Design project has been time consuming but I have learned a great deal from doing the project and have put my new found knowledge to use at a recent Antiques Fair.  The course is expensive but having said that I am very impressed with the level of teaching and you do have to pay for this high standard." - Irene W, Hertfordshire.

"I signed up for the soft furnishings as I thought it would complement the upholstery,.  With quality teaching, the encouragement and patience (I don’t always get it the first time) from my teachers and fellow students I am slowly gaining more confidence in my creativity and projects.  I really enjoy my days in the learning environment at Wendy Shorter Interiors and stretching myself to do better. It is inspiring to see the dedication and passion shown." - Pauline C, Hertfordshire

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